Rocket J. Squirrel's Boyfriend Application

or ... That trick never works !!!

Note: only asterisked [ * ] questions are deemed mandatory by her Squirrelness.



Birthday ? *

* What is your biggest flaw?

* What is your hangup with your mother?

* 3 of your favorite authors

* 3 of your favorite bands

* 3 of your favorite movies

Favorite sig. file or quote?

Are you religious? What / Whom do you worship? How? Why?

Who is your favorite philosopher? Why?

* For you, what is success in life?

Are you, by your own definition: will you be successful?

Who is/was your favorite pet? and why?

How long do you usually know a girl before you kiss her? Jump her? Dump her?

Have you ever been married/lived with someone? Are you now?

* When was your last relationship over? Are you in sure? Are you in one / or more now?

Are you gay? Tried it? Thought about it?

Have you ever played "Gladiator"?

What color is your hair? Really? How long is it?

* Ever had a pony tail? Consider having one again?

If you are bald ... does your head work with that?

Do you have facial hair?

Are you pierced? Tattooed? Scarred?

Ever done any jail time? (please list all terms of incarceration,
regardless of whether or not the charges were later dropped)

* Do you watch football?

*Were you ever in the armed forces? Police?

Are you still?

Do you use recreational drugs? Which? Still?

* Describe pure happiness?

What was the craziest thing you ever did ?

If you were a fruit, a vegetable,or a kitchen utensil, what would you be?

If you were at a party, and across the room you saw a very handsome
man and your girlfriend chatting quite animatedly, what would you do?

Do you think there is life after death? On other planets?

Why are *you* here?

Do you believe in magic? (If you start singing some dumbass song, my apologies)

Are you psychic?

Are you psycho?

Do you think you have any sort of understanding of what it would be
like to go completely insane?

Describe a heroic action you have witnessed, executed or would to one day

Who is your hero ?

* Have you ever been to Burning Man?

*If yes, describe the best part. Describe the worst part.

Have you ever voted?

for a BUSH?

* What was the most important scientific achievement in the last 50 years?

What is the biggest problem most/all women have?

What is the biggest problem most/all men have?

* What is the biggest problem with our society? (no more than 5 lines)

If you won $1 million, what would be the very first thing you would
buy? The second? The last?

Would you quit your job?

Speaking of jobs . . . do you have one?

* What have you never done but always wanted to do?

What country do you want to visit that you've never been to?

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

What's your dream car?

* Do you ride a motorcycle?

What's your favorite smell?

Storms: scary or cool?

Who has been the greatest influence in your life?

If you could meet any one person,
dead or alive, who would it be?

* How do people describe you?

* How do you describe yourself?

Describe your favorite costume you have worn.

What 3 things do you value most in a friend?

What is the difference between a friend and a lover - besides the boot scootin' ?

* What one thing makes you want to run screaming for the fjords?


Why are manhole covers round?

* What question was not asked that you want to answer?

How did you get this application ?

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