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Seraphim of the Scrapyard
Daniel Snyder has done a wonderful job with this huge archive of fan fiction and commentary. Lots of links to start you on your way.

Gunnm: Broken Angel
Marco de la Cruz, guiding force behind alt.comics.gunnm, has a heavyweight site, full of cool poetry and technotes, plus the Gunnm FAQ.

Hyper Future Vision: Gunnm
Yum! Cody Kwok's site is visually splendid, with solid synopses of many of the Gunnm volumes. Don't miss it!

GUNNM DataBase
Host to the New Kansas Chat Room, Ryunosuke Tsukano has crammed a lot of info into these pages. Can't wait to visit Professor Desty Nova's Karma Lab!

Jump into the world of anime at Dennis H. Fukushima, Jr.'s site -- everything you could want to know about the animated Battle Angel!

The Ultimate Gunnm Archive
Coren's got images galore -- and is looking for even more! Definitely a site to watch.

Battle Angel
Plug-In savvy Windows users can download cool music and movies at Seth Leger's Anime Multimedia Archive. We Mac users can suffer.

Gunnm Universe
Dietrich Stella may not think "Alita" sounds right -- but we won't hold it against him! Deke's covered the bases in this nice set of pages...