Born in Austin, Texas in 1965, Burke moved to California to realize his lifelong dream of creating comic books, writing Marvel's Hyperkind series among numerous comics scripting and editing assignments for such publishers as Viz (Battle Angel Alita) and Eclipse (Total Eclipse).

An internet diehard since the earliest days of the World Wide Web, he used his passion for combining words and pictures to handcode numerous early html sites, also serving as an online astrologer, book reviewer, and community liason. In 2000, he jumped on idealab!'s internet bandwagon, spending two years as a producer for in Pasadena. More recently Burke served as Director of Engineering and Product Development at DTS Digital Cinema and VP of Technology for Lowry Digital Images.

Burke is the author of Clive Barker, Illustrator and Illustrator II: The Art of Clive Barker.

He divides his time between Disneyland and Joshua Tree, California.